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Past performance and testimonials do not necessarily indicate future performance or success.

“I’m up over $14,000 on a $10,000 account…140% profit in just four months. It’s like a 420% annual return!”

Irin started as a runner at the COMEX Exchange back in 1994. And in 1998 he became a broker with the Cotton Exchange, which he enjoyed very much. But in 2002 he left the NYBOT floor to trade his own account from home and follow his passion – writing screenplays and making short films. Read what this trading pro has to say about Russell’s Turtle Forex system:

“I did more scalping when I was on the trading floor. But now that I’m trading from home I’ll hold for a day or so—or sometimes a few weeks.

In NY I was in the pit where cotton and orange juice were traded. Right next to me was the ‘Dollar Ring’, where they traded a bunch of the currencies, but I never traded them.

It was my Dad who got me interested in the currencies and Turtle trading. He’s a dentist now, but he traded on the floor years ago and he’s familiar with the Turtles. He had given me a book and video on the Turtle system. And then, about four months ago, we put $10,000 into Russell’s Turtle Forex program, just to see how it would do.

At the moment I’m up over $14,000 on a $10,000 account. And it’s only been four months. So that’s incredible. Making 140% in a year or two years—anybody would be happy to take that. But 140% profit in just four months, it’s like a 420% annual return!

Of course when you’re up you always think ‘why didn’t I put more in?’ But really, I didn’t need to. Because at the rate it’s going, the profits will let me start doubling up contracts soon enough. I probably could now, but I don’t want to get spread too thin.

Obviously I’m enjoying the trading system. I haven’t had time yet, but I want to start really looking at the trades and seeing how the system works. Being a trader I want to get more into it and maybe do a little of it on my own. Russell’s auto-pilot program is working very well. But I might want to apply the same Turtle program to other things. So I want to also master it on my own.

Past performance and testimonials do not necessarily indicate future performance or success.

“Russell, with his experience in trading, and his track record, he’s the only one I’d consider doing anything like this with.”

San Diego heating and a/c tech, Joe R., was sick and tired of watching his IRA go nowhere. So he decided to sign up for Russell Sand’s new Turtle Forex program. Let’s hear his story.

“After 15 years my IRA account still wasn’t doing much. It’s been pretty disappointing, actually. I was always told that every 7 years it would double, and it hasn’t even come close. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and see if I could do a little better with it.”

First I tried some penny stocks and I got lucky on one for a short period of time. But then it turned around in a single day and went right back down. I wish I’d pulled the money out when I had the chance. But I didn’t know about trailing stops then, so I got hammered. And instead of a big profit, I ended up with a loss.

That’s when I realized, you gotta really know what you’re doing. Russell, with his experience in trading, and his track record, he’s the only one I’d consider doing anything like this with.

I’m using my IRA so it took me a couple months to get started. First I had to roll my bank IRA into a self-directed IRA at Equity Trust. And then I had to instruct Equity Trust to fund my Forex account with Russell’s recommended broker. It wasn’t a lot of work. It just took some time for each institution to do their thing.

I’m leaving my account on auto-trade for now. But I plan to watch and learn. Eventually, I’d like to get into trading fulltime and walk away from the heating and a/c business altogether. It would be a lot easier on my body. At that point I’d like to be in full control of my own money and work it into the futures market as well as Forex. Anywhere there’s good liquidity.”

Past performance and testimonials do not necessarily indicate future performance or success.

“Based on the performance I’ve seen so far, a goal of doubling every four months seems very doable.”

Irv Blackman, pictured here with President George Bush Sr, is a CPA, attorney, retired bank chairman, and semi-retired lecturer and author.

His popular articles about wealth and retirement issues are published in 125 trade journals around the country.

Let’s see what this expert on estate planning has to say about Russell’s Turtle Forex system.

“The second most common question I get is ‘where should I invest my money’– the first one has to do with estate planning and wealth transfer, because that’s my area of expertise– But where people invest their money, and the rate of return or growth, that’s a real big issue for everyone.

Because of the nature of my work, I have to stay current. And right now, nothing is hotter than Forex, so I decided to get involved.

I’ve known about the Turtles for twenty years. One of the original Turtles was a friend of my partner in our CPA firm. The Turtles really do have an exciting story. I didn’t know anything about their trading system, but I heard plenty about their stellar performance year after year. So when I heard about the new Turtle Forex system, I signed up.

I opened my account on March 23rd and by the end of three months I found myself wishing I’d invested more. So I did. I’ve been in a total of four months now and my entire account is up 58%. Which is particularly exciting because two-thirds of the money has only been in there for a month!

Naturally, it’s not a straight line up. But, based on the performance I’ve seen so far, a goal of doubling every four months seems very doable.

One of the things I like best about the Forex market is that it’s so big there’s almost no amount of money you can throw at it to impact what it’s going to do. Whereas, something like orange juice, you get 8 or 10 guys doing the same thing, it affects the market.

So hey, come along. The more the merrier. Maybe we can all get rich!”

Past performance and testimonials do not necessarily indicate future performance or success.

“Two things make the difference between a winner and a loser – And those have always been Turtle strengths.”

Norman C., of New York City, is a 50-year trading enthusiast. Let’s read what this veteran trader has to say about the Turtles and Russell Sands’ new Turtle Forex system.

“I started trading commodities 40 or 50 years ago. But I’ve never been very successful doing it myself. I’m too aggressive and I keep blowing my accounts out.

You see, the secret to winning is not what you think it is. It’s not about timing your entry. It’s about sound money management and a good exit strategy. Those two things make the difference between a winner and a loser. And those have always been Turtle strengths.

I first saw Russell Sands at a seminar in New York City about 20 years ago. Larry Williams introduced him. And he told us all about the Turtles. So I’ve known their strategy for a long time. And I know that it works. It’s just not my style, personally.

So, what I finally settled on is this, I have a Turtle commodity account and I have a Turtle Forex currency account. Both are on auto-trade, so I can’t mess with them, and I’m very satisfied with the results. Then I have another account were I don’t make as much money, but I do have myself one heck of a good time day-trading the indexes!”

Mike from Illinois

Russell, I started the Turtle program in April 2007. I had done futures trading on my own with a small loss. I started two trading accounts with $ 42,000 in each. One was the Turtle methodology and the other was using futures news letters and on line futures information.

The Turtles account as of 11/15/07 is $109,000 for a more than 150% gain in 6 months or so. My other account is at $44,500. I used the money management rules and even missed some big moves. The Turtle program works so well because it takes the emotion out of it.

In my self directed account I lost over $10,000 this year in natural gas. I had heard the long line of experts predicting $10.00 natural gas. I saw natural gas traders interviewed that did nothing but follow the direction of natural gas and they agreed to $10.00 gas.

I saw three different CEOs of huge natural gas companies say that $10.00 natural gas is a sure thing. With all these people that are way more knowledgeable than I will ever be about natural gas predicting $ 10.00 gas, how could I lose buying natural gas @ $8.00? Well I did, and I lost over $10,000.

The Turtle program tells you which way the market is going. You do not have to know about grains or energies or metals. It is a great program that works. I have looked at others, and this is the best. Thanks!

C.B. from Colorado

Good morning Mr. Sands. This had been my absolute BEST trading year ever, thanks to your system. Per earlier note about references, I would be honored to speak with potential customers. I have been trading futures and options for over 18 years, and this is the most consistently winning technique I have used.
Almost every month shows new profits. Since I began trading it 5 months ago, I am up well over 100%.

J.R. from California

Hello Russell, I’m glad to say your Turtle program is living up to my hopes. I would never trade the markets without a market wizard like you leading the way. If I had continued to trade on my own I would have lost everything. Since joining the Turtle program I can see the day when I will regain my losses & start down the road to profits.

I only wish I would have never traded on my own, but every day in your Turtle program is another step toward recovery. I want everyone who is thinking of trading the markets to know that Mr. Russell Sands is a man of his word – one of those rare few who can help you reach your financial goals. Thank you, Russell, for helping me get my life back on track, because without you and your Turtle program the future would not be so bright.

Jack E. from New York

Thanks for talking to me this afternoon. I’m pleased with the Turtle Program purchased 10/23/2006. As you said the 50% gain is great and I’m delighted that the 75m + 5m plan is worth $110,474. I hope the future with this program is as bright.

Rich C. from Nevada

I have been involved with the Turtle Program for currencies since April of this year. Since I have a career, I just don’t have the time to monitor what is going on in any of the markets, and with the Turtle Program I don’t have to do that. Everything is taking care of by the people that really know what they are doing.
It’s worked out so great for me that I have recommended this program to my father and brother. They are both now trading currencies with this program and have been very satisfied with their returns as well. Now I certainly would not have recommended this program to them unless I was confident in this market and how it is being managed by you.

Thanks and keep up the good work. This is the only investment program I have ever been involved in that I am truly satisfied with all aspects of it.

Past performance and testimonials do not necessarily indicate future performance or success

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